Joe's Home on the 'Net
Welcome to the small world of Joe. Here, you'll find all sorts of useful and not-so-useful links. It should be organized well enough so that you don't have to sift through anything trying to find what you are looking for. If you don't think it is as well organized as it should be, just let me know by clicking on the "E-Mail" link near the top.

My two favorite hobbies are : the fine arts and cars. Computers are just a method to add to the madness. I have written some technical documents, and also some tutorials, but those will be found in different locations (such as None of those will be found here, primarily because this is just my little niche in the Superhighway. This is just a portal to my life. Thats all. If you want some information on me as an individual, here you can just browse around. Thanks!

Lately, though, I've gotten myself into machinery. I've ended up machining tools and parts for other people, I've had to custom build parts for the car project, and I've found myself just wanting to see if I've learned principles behind it.