The Fine Arts
Here's a side of me that most people don't know. It's not that I try to hide "the candle" under a bushell, but that I just don't put it on the candlestick.

Yes, I am into the Fine Arts. I even listen to Opera once in a while (not the Oprah Winfrey show, mind you). Classical music is wonderful stuff, and I even write it every once in a while. It usually takes some inspiration to get that one rolling, but it does happen.

So, do I just enjoy the fine arts or do I participate? The answer is the latter. I can draw (some say really well, I do not like to think so because there is so much room for improvement), I can sing and write music (including music for the Cello), and I can write stories and poetry. I can even play the piano, cello, and other various instruments. Don't worry, I won't play the clarinet if you stick around me long enough.