The Resume of Joe Lewis
Resume of Joseph Ralph Lewis
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Computer Science, Networking and Systems IntegrationWeber State University (Ogden, Utah)
BachelorsDecember 1, 1999
Primary studies included Networking / Systems Integration, and Internet Protocols and Ports (RFC's, system configuration, etc.). Network communication systems,protocol stacks, collisions, types, and topography, and when to implement each and connect each type. Also studied were network implementations, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Development, Hardware Development (My studies allowed for a cross breed with the Electrical Engineering courses), HTML/Graphics Development, and databases/SQL. In the software development classification, studies were made of the development life cycles, procedures, and formatting, in addition to the programming languages. Languages consisted of Java, C/C++, Assembly, Pascal, Visual Basic, and Ada. My Senior Project included development of a 3 Dimensional Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Visual C/C++ Application development. Additional Studies were made in operating system development.
Certified Linux ProfessionalNovell, Inc
May 11, 2005
Managing linux systems and networks. Main tasks required an in-depth knowledge of various components of a Linux server, including syslog, user management, service management, package management, server integration, network traces and monitoring tools, firewalls, e-mail, and miscellaneous software packages.
RedHat Certified EngineerRedHat
Certified in a rapid course for management of RedHat 6 systems in both RHCA and RHCE certifications. Various service administration (CIFS, Apache, distributed file systems, home directories, LDAP services, etc). Required troubleshooting in a timeframe of an unknown issue to prove administration capability.
Senior Security Analyst/Team Lead, Intermountain HealthcareCottonwood Heights, Utah
October 21, 2008 : Current
Functioned as a senior Identity expert in cybersecurity, trying to protect internal and external identities, focusing on idata integrity, accessability, and confidentiality. This included automating integration of various accounts, directories, and synchronizations. Designed multiple systems for consumer-facing identities, internal identities, and working with multiple hosts. Had to be familiar with directory services such as Active Directory, IBM Secure Directory Server/Tivoli Directory Server, openLDAP, Office 365, SPML, federations, SAML, Access Managers, etc. Functioned in Korn shell, powershell, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, and Identity Governance tools such as Saviynt.
Operating Systems : CentOS 6/7, RedHat Linux 5/6/7, Windows Server 2012, Kali Linux, Software : Apache Directory Studio, OpenLDAP, Active Directory, IBM SDS/TDS, Tomcat, Databases : Oracle, MariaDB, IBM DB2, Tools : Korn, Perl, Saviynt IGA, Developing WebApplications to phase out old scripts, ...
Senior Linux Systems Engineer, Overstock.comCottonwood Heights, Utah
October 21, 2008 : Current
Maintaining Linux systems, migration, updates, installing components for keeping the website operational and adding functionality. Planning system enhancements, systems integration, hardware planning, big data (Hadoop), system monitoring, and helping colleagues gain an understanding of the core architecture of the system.
Operating Systems : CentOS 5/6, RedHat Linux 3/4/5, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux SLES, Software : Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, FreeRADIUS, LDAP/Active Directory Intergration, Programming : Perl Scripting, Java, C/C++, Apache Module Development, ...
Technical Support Engineer, Novell, IncProvo, Utah
August 30, 2004 : October 21, 2008
Assisting Network Administrators world-wide with issues and problems concerning the Apache web server (based on SuSe Linux, NetWare, and NetWare OES servers), intermediates of Tomcat, integration and authentication from eDirectory, and various web applications that ran on top of those tools. Also, identified and instructed on the use of BMAS RADIUS, NMAS RADIUS authentication tools, and also FreeRADIUS, and how they integrate with various accounting mechanisms. MySQL and PHP were other tools that were used less frequently in this position.
Operating Systems : NetWare 5.x, NetWare 6.0, NetWare 6.5, NetWare OES, Suse Linux (SLES, Professional, Personal), Microsoft Advanced Server 2000/2003, Microsoft workstation systems (XP, 2K, etc), Software : Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, BMAS/NMAS Radius, LDAP/eDirectory administration, iFolder, NetStorage, Virtual Office, exteNd Director, Groupwise WebAccess, Programming : Perl Scripting, Java, C/C++, Apache Module Development, ...
Consultant, ReliaNetOgden, Utah
August 22, 2002 : August 28, 2004
Designing and implementing Unix-based servers. Work primarily in the web environment, ranging from CGI system development to web and graphical design. Other contracts dealt with integration of multiple servers for singular authentication without slow NIS systems. Services required were SMTP/IMAP/POP3 services, Radius services, MySQL implementation
Operating Systems : FreeBSD, RedHat Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.x, 8.x, 7.5, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Software : Apache Web Server, Tomcat, MySQL, Asterisk PBX, DNS (bind), E-Mail (sendmail), E-Mail (Exim), E-Mail (Courier-IMAP), FreeRadius, Programming : PHP, Perl Scripting, C/C++ Daemon, ...
Software Engineer, About, Inc.Orem, Utah
February 1, 2000 : September 14, 2001
The Software Engineer position was focused on designing and implementing tools for virtually hosted web sites. It also included developing software for System Administrators for server tools, including back-end programs and daemons. In addition, I was required to create web interface tools that created reports from databases.
Operating Systems : Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Software : Oracle, MySQL Database, Perl, Apache Web Server, DNS, E-Mail Server (sendmail), Programming : CVS, 3rd Party Software Implementation/Redesigning, Bug Programms, C/C++, ...
Network Technician, Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah
September 5, 1996 : February 15, 1999
This position was focused on maintaining the working status of the campus network. It included Novell Netware 3.11, 4.11 and initial testing of Netware 5. Including in the maintainance was designing a recovery system for Windows workstations running Windows 9X and rDist, in addition to MacIntosh setup. I was also required to work the Technical Support desk for Campus and Computer labs, troubleshooting a system in person or over the phone.
Operating Systems : Windows 95/98, NetWare 3.11, NetWare 4.11, Databases : FileMaker, Occupational Skills : Technical Support, Network Monitoring, Server Technician, Computer Laborator Design, Backup/Recovery Design, ...