Vehicular Homocide
Most of the people that know me fairly well know that I am really into cars. Others just don't know me well at all. It shouldn't come as a surprise to others when they find this out. After all, aren't most nerds into cars?

I guess you could say that I'm addictied to speed. I don't know why. I've had vehicles up to 130 MPH on two lane highways many times, and even driven a bullet bike at 145+ MPH in the middle of rush hour traffic. That speed associated adrenaline rush is just awesome.

With that in mind, it won't come as a shock to you to know that I am working on a corvette, and that I've totalled a bullet bike (and walked away...ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET AND A JACKET - They saved my life and others on more than one occasion). So, sit back, and enjoy some of the links!