... he scores, and the crowd goes wild!. Of course I love sports. Well, I love participating in them. When it comes to basketball, volleyball, or soccer, put me in the game. I'll bump/set/spike my way to the hoop, if you'd like.

However, there are two big sports that I can watch. And if you catch me watching them, you'll probably also see me grimmace everytime a hit occurs. You'll see me lean to the left to dodge a tackle, or lift my right glove to stop the flying puck. The intensity of Football and Hockey surpase anything else, to the point I can actually watch them. You give me an expansion team in the NFL, and I'll root for them until my face turns blue. Put a tense game with a power and an underdog, and I will be an instant underdog lover. From a slap shot to a PAT, I'll be your best friend... or your worst enemy.

When it comes to any sporting event, I'm always better off when I'm in the circle of competition. I have a nasty competitive spirit (just ask my siblings), and that can get in the way of a good friendship for an hour or two. I've had my head split open (broken skull - kinda cool) by my own team mates in basketball, broken ankles playing volleyball, torn MCL's while white water wrestling (that's another story in itself). I've torn rotator cuffs in my shoulders boxing (that became kick-boxing rather quickly). I ruptured a lower back disc by board diving fish outta water, here). I move, I run, I jump, and I can even play dead... for a couple of seconds, any way.

Put me on skates, and I'll fall over. Add a hockey stick into my hand, and I'll glide like I'm on ice (wait a minute, I WOULD be on ice... silly me). Put a basketball in my hand, and I'll take point, run guard, or even try to be a power forward (now THAT's a joke). I'll cradle the pigskin till the day I die or the ref prys it from my cold, dead fingers. I'll run circles around you as half-back, or I'll plug up the net so bad you couldn't squeeze a tooth pick past me. Give me a ball, and I'll be happy.

Favorite Teams
FootballCarolina Panthers and Utah State
HockeyMinnesota Wild and Edmonton Oilers
BasketballUniversity of Utah
VolleyballBrigham Young University

And, though many people don't consider pool or bowling, I'll take you on. Nine-ball or 10-pin, I'm good for the game. Just don't ask me to golf...